All businesses are faced with similar legal issues. Most business law questions involve disputes, contracts, and decisions about whether a corporation, non-profit, limited liability company, general partnership, limited liability partnership, or a sole proprietorship is the right organizational form for a company. No matter how big or small a business is or how much money it makes, the actions and decisions you make as the owner can have a dramatic effect on the company and its future.

At the Jain Law Firm, we have worked with many businesses and individuals to help them answer the tough questions that arise when running a business. We can help ensure that you make the right moves that result in exceptional outcomes for you and your company.

We have extensive experience in the field of business and corporate law. From corporate and business law transactions, mergers and acquisitions, contracts, formations, litigation, and corporate/business governance we have the knowledge and experience to assist you and your business.

At Jain Law Firm, we are cost effective and respond quickly to our clients. We have handled highly technical and complicated business issues. We also understand the need to obtain the desired result in an efficient and timely manner to save our clients money whenever possible.

Jain Law Firm Offers Business and Corporate Legal Services

Below is a list of some of the corporate and business legal services we offer:

  • Business Entity Formation. How you form your corporation can make a huge difference in your tax situation as well as your liability as a company. You should always seek the advice of an attorney before attempting to incorporate your business.
  • Contracts. When you enter into a contract, you are bound by legal restrictions and requirements. If you do not understand your obligations, it can quickly become costly. Be sure to seek legal help before entering into any contract.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions. If you are facing a merger or are thinking of a sale or purchase related to your business, seek legal advice on the best way to handle a merger or acquisition.
  • Litigation. If you are the subject of litigation, be sure to talk to an attorney about your case. Never try to handle a lawsuit on your own to try to save money; you may wind up paying much more in settlement or damages than you would in attorney’s fees.

With extensive business legal experience, we can provide the necessary advice and strategy for any business issue. Whether you have questions about corporate business formations, business structures, contracts, mergers and acquisitions, litigation or corporate and business governance, we have the knowledge to assist you in any transactions, negotiations or disputes.