Fiancé & Marriage Visas (K1 & K3 Visas):

Jain Law Firm finds this area of Immigration Law one of the most enjoyable. Bringing families together deserves our utmost attention. Time is of the essence and as such we prefer to make sure that these matters are handled correctly. Incorrect paperwork only prolongs the time apart. We have substantial experience in obtaining marriage and fiancé visas for our clients.

The fiancé or married spouse is eligible to receive a K1 or K3 visa to enter the USA and then obtain a Green Card. The fiancé or spouse will also be able to obtain USA citizenship when on the green card for a certain period of time.

Many of our Clients are married and already in the USA without status to stay in the USA. It is possible to still petition for you to receive a Green Card without having to leave the country. If you are in this situation it is important to call the experienced attorneys at Jain Law Firm so we can handle your immigration matter.