Immigration law is complicated and some cases can take years to resolve through bureaucratic channels. Meanwhile, those who are suffering from delayed immigration status may be subject to criminal charges or other problems. It is very important that anyone facing an immigration problem immediately seek the help of a qualified immigration attorney.

The Jain Law Firm provides a complete range of immigration law services for individuals, businesses, and employers throughout the United States and worldwide. Contact our firm to discuss how we can help you resolve all of your immigration law needs.


We aspire to be the best attorneys available in representation of immigration matters. Our basic tenet is to be responsive to our current and potential clients’ needs. This ensures that our staff will provide you with outstanding service while adhering to standards of professionalism that are second to none. Rest assured that your case does matter to our firm.

If you are facing an immigration issue, you need an attorney who understands the complexities of immigration law and has developed a network of connections at government agencies and throughout the court system to handle these types of cases quickly and effectively. While any attorney can theoretically represent you in an immigration matter, there is no substitute for an experienced immigration lawyer.


Jain Law Firm keeps caseloads at a manageable size. We ensure that our staff has sufficient time to be proactive. This allows them to respond quickly to clients. We accept only the number of clients that we can handle effectively. This action ensures our outstanding work and service. More importantly this allows our firm to respond quickly when time is of the essence and action must be taken immediately.

All of our clients receive that same superior level of service. We allocate appropriate resources to ensure proper handling of all case matters, particularly complicated immigration cases. Because we have the resources and the experience to handle immigration law matters quickly, we are often able to close these cases in a much shorter time than other attorneys.


We return calls and emails in a prompt manner. If your matter is urgent, our attorneys are available to discuss your immigration matter with you. Our office acts in a proactive manner, staying involved with each case, sending reminders, notes and calls as the case time-line evolves.


The firm handles all areas of Immigration law including matters relating to individuals, families and Businesses. Each case is treated as if the subject were the firm's only immigration client. All clients are welcome without regard to nationality or type of immigration issue.

Individual and Family Immigration

Jain Law Firm provides a full range of immigration services to help individuals and families overcome obstacles to obtaining individual/family visas and green cards. Below is a list of some of the following services we provide for individual and family immigration matters:

Business, Employment & Investor Immigration

Jain Law Firm can also help businesses, employers and investors with their immigration issues. For business, employment and investment visas the firm is able to bring a full array of professionals to help our clients. We can aid our clients in obtaining employment visas and green cards, acquisition of investment companies, preparation of necessary business plans and any supporting documents as well as any other international business matters. All services are supplied through a comprehensive plan of action that provides for a quick turn-around time in the ultimate issuance of the visa or other documentation. We have assisted human resources departments in complying with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and Department of Labor (DOL) regulations.

Below is a list of some of the following services we provide for business, employment, and investor visas: